When we're not not cooking it, we're tasting it

In the run up to opening we have been searching for more inspiration. The blog below records our fish odyssey in the glorious Greek island of Cephalonia.

Byron lived here in 1824; the Italians occupied in WW2, (before being tragically slaughtered by the Nazis); an earthquake destroyed many of its buildings in 1953 and many locals died. The island is beautiful, rich with history and the sea which surrounds it is rich with fish.

We feasted on squid, bream, bass, prawns, red mullet and anchovies. They know to cook it too; simply, but with style.

The stand out dish for us was a whole sea bass.

Lunchtime on Petani Bay, the sun shining, the beer cold; we sat in a modest looking Taverna.

A boat chugs in and leaves them their catch. We order bass. It arrives whole covered in olive oil, oregano and salt with half a lemon. It was truly wonderful.

Look out for Greek style fillet of sea bass on our menu. We've cooked since our return and although it will never quite take us back... it comes bloody close.

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