Our Story

Gower Seafood Hut is a partnership between Sarah Kift and Chris Price

Chris Price was born on a fishing boat just off the coast of Lowestoft, Suffolk in 1971. Raised on a diet of shrimps, kippers and pickled herrings, he first set foot on land at the age 17. 

After a period of readjustment, (it took two years to find his land legs), he headed to Swansea to study the lives and loves of the English Romantic Poets.

It was here he met and fell in love with Sarah, (locally known as Kifty). A purveyor of art and craft; raised in Swansea; but yet to acquire a taste for fish, (despite the fact her gramps had been an original Swansea trawler man).

She set off on a voyage of culinary discovery, eating fish of all descriptions; but drawing the line at oysters. As part of this odyssey they would head to Italy and as Chris bored Kifty with tales of Percy Byshhe Shelley, Kifty started thinking.


Whilst lounging in the Bay of Poets, eating nothing but fish; (fresh, gorgeous, stunning fish; caught that very morning), 

Kifty said - “We should cook this in Swansea and sell it to the Welsh”.

“We should” said Chris.

Gower Seafood Hut was born